16 Universal Motives

The 16 motives are scientifically proven impulses that motivate one to action and determine the individual personality. They are universal, which means that they apply to all people, but vary in intensity from person-to-person and in the way we prioritize them. This profile is as unique as a fingerprint since there are 3 billion possible combinations.

You will receive your personal profile in the form of a graph that shows your individual values for all 16 motives. You will see which of the universal motives are particularly relevant and important to you (motivational drivers), which universal motives have an average importance to you, are situational and often do not have a big impact on your motivation.

Assessment debrief meeting – your individual RMP will be presented and discussed with a qualified Reiss Profile Master. The meeting will take approximately 60-90 minutes.

During this session with the Reiss Profile Master , you will receive your complete report that describes your individual RMP.