What can RMP offer its clients?

RMP enables people to tackle the issue of individuality clearly and tangibly. It’s for individuals, professionals, institutions, organizations and anyone who the company works with, including partners and clients. It’s about discovering: Who am I? What makes me and others tick? My colleagues, my team, my peers that I work with…and how can I use that? Do motives change through life? This is where Reiss Profile Master can help.

How does RMP work?

Change is the only constant. Companies develop their vision, mission, and corporate values yet when you take a closer look the implementation differs from person to person. RMP supports companies and their professionals in realizing this joint vision or corporate values or brand vision.’
RMP addresses this issue with companies and asks: Do these visions or corporate values exist and if so, how are they expressed? Are they clearly defined? Truvian Partners then provide our clients with individual insight, explaining what makes different people tick and how you can use this information to create alignment.
Truvian Partners explore with each individual: Who am I? What drives me? Why do I do the things that I do? How can I connect this with my company or my corporate values?
Our clients discover: How many ‘why’s’ are there for my team, my leadership team, or me? For each question, there are different motivations behind the same behavior. There is a wide range of needs behind it and, the leadership team, for example, often has very different objectives. Truvian Partners need to learn that people may support the same values or work for the same company but do not have the same motivations. This is where RMP can help.

Do motives change through life?

The results of the Reiss Motivation Profile® are reliable and stable over time, which was confirmed by a four-week test-retest. The four-week test-retest reliability of the 16 scales lies between 0.69 and 0.88, and the internal consistency – as measured by Cronbach’s alpha – between 0.71and 0.92. It is assumed that all values above 0.7 indicate a very good result. More information about the reliability of the method and the test-retest study can be found in Professor Steven Reiss’s scientific publication.

What is the base of RMP?

We work with individuals supporting them in the self-discovery and personal development. We work with companies of different sizes, which is where they can be most effective. We believe there is a need to provide this information directly to the company leadership so that they can work with it themselves. I believe there is a clear trend for companies to want to have and use highly personalized information
We can provide the extra information you need about employees, clients and contributors. We look for the fastest, clearest, simplest and most direct way of offering clients the support they require. We work on this together, with our clients..

What added value does RMP bring to your clients?

It is inspiring when the clients have understood and can work with this knowledge themselves. The clients get the information from us that they need and we provide everything so that the clients can take action themselves. Making personality, i.e. individuality, clearer, simpler and less complex; that’s the added value we provide.

What do Truvian Partners bring to their clients?

Truvian Partners provide support to people, institutions and organizations who have set themselves the objective of generating success through people. All these key players are constantly faced with the challenge of knowing and appropriately using their clients’ and employees’ individual motivations. Truvian Partners want to make their intervention more effective. Our contribution is to ensure that: ‘Now is your time for success’, and support you in accelerating it.

What are the processes involved?

Anyone who works successfully with people, whether with one individual or several, has in-depth knowledge of the intrinsic motivators of participants / coachees / clients / employees / patients / partners. Nowadays, this is an absolute must; very often, there is a lot of work involved and the results are generally not grounded in science. Truvian Partners provide this essential puzzle piece in a very simple way. Everything happens online, it’s all based on science and we provide it in a format that fits in with how the trainer / consultant / coach works and with the organization and their management.

Who would benefit from RMP and why?

Truvian Partners recommend it to anyone who works with people. Truvian Partners are convinced that having an awareness of your own core qualities, intrinsic motivators in life, basic desires and internal values is a prerequisite for understanding the core qualities, intrinsic motivators in life, basic desires and internal values of people who you live and work with. Not knowing these individual triggers is often the greatest obstacle to feeling motivated and achieving success. This is where RMP comes in.

How do companies, universities and other institutions work with RMP? Does it involve change?

Every organization knows exactly WHAT they do and has a clear idea of HOW they do it. If they work with people, they also need to know precisely WHO they’re working with and for WHOM they are doing this. At this level, it’s about internal values and making them fit, resulting in deliberate ways of working with and for people. If I know what the lecturer, participant or group needs to be successful, I can set the course accordingly, before wasting time and resources. This is where RMP is an irreplaceable tool.

If you were to summarize RMP in a single sentence, what would you say?

Success comes from the within and manifests outwards, not the other way round. Understanding the core qualities, intrinsic motivators, basic desires and internal values of others is essential in order to work with them.