RMP Business

Discover the intensity of your 16 Universal Desires and what you need to succeed in work and in life! Increase your personal satisfaction and reduce your frustration. Improve your leadership and influence effectiveness by understanding what matters most to other people. Know how to inspire the best work performance and engagement from the people you work with.

Benefits of RMP for Executives

  • They become acquainted with a highly efficient tool for people management and employee motivation.

  • Employees can be motivated individually.

  • They learn how to communicate with their employees so that they not only hear the message but also listen to the content (provides common language).

  • They discover themselves and their own leadership style

RMP Enables More Effective Teams

  • Tasks can be distributed in accordance with the innate talents of each member.

  • It supports synergy between team members.

  • Team members understand value differences.

  • Team members learn about possible blind spots and how to overcome them.

  • RMP provides common  a  language and helps to prevent conflicts.

RMP Application

  • Self-awareness of the employees increases.

  • Tasks can be assigned in accordance with the skills and inner needs of the employees.

  • Acceptance and inclusion of the employee increases (especially in a multicultural environment)

  • Employee fluctuation decreases.

  • The potential of the employee can be developed.

  • People with different talents and set of skills can work together effectively.

RMP in the Recruitment Process

  • The profile of the ideal candidate can be clear and communicated.

  • The talent and potential of the candidate can be clearly recognized.

  • The time-stable personality of the candidate and not  a variable behavior is analyzed.

  • The chances of finding the right candidate, not only in terms of know-how  but also company culture.

  • Training and recruitment costs can be reduced.

Using the RMP in Coaching

  • Individual resources can be identified.

  • Talent and potential can be activated effectively.

  • One’s own needs and values become easier to understand and accept.

  • The needs and values of others become easier to understand and accept.

  • New possibilities can be discovered effectively.

  • Previously hidden solutions become visible.