Validity and Reliability

  • The Reiss Motivation Profile® is the first online diagnostic tool that describes human motivation.
  • The Reiss Motivation Profile® is the only scientifically proven motivational approach. It was developed on the basis of empirical research by the team led by Professor Steven Reiss of Ohio State University. The results were published in 17 scientific publications (including 3 in the prestigious journal APA) and three books, including the book, “Who Am I? The 16 Basic Desires That Motivate Our Action and Define Our Personalities”, which was published in 2000.
  • The results of the Reiss Motivation Profile® are reliable and stable over time, which was confirmed by a four-week test-retest. The four-week test-retest reliability of the 16 scales lies between 0.69 and 0.88, and the internal consistency – as measured by Cronbach’s alpha – between 0.71and 0.92. It is assumed that all values above 0.7 indicate a very good result. More information about the reliability of the method and the test-retest study can be found in Professor Steven Reiss’s scientific publication.
  • The so-called “social desirability” is less than three percent. This value describes how far a person who takes the test can influence the outcome by giving imputed desired answers. The impact of this effect, as measured by the Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability scale (MCSDs), is less than 3% and is thus very small.

  • The Reiss Motivation Profiles® describes the individuality of the human personality. RMP does not group or categorize and does not make typologies of personalities. There are over 3 billions possible combinations of life motives.
  • Unlike other personality test, the Reiss Motivation Profile® does not study behavior, but explains how and why a certain behavior can be observed. RMP allows you to discover and understand your natural talent and potential, which can be derived from the individual value system.
  • The Reiss Motivation Profile® describes which universal motives and values are important to the people with whom we work. This ,in turn ,enables us to consciously select effective motivational measures.
  • The Reiss Motivation Profile® is successfully used in professional sports.