What is RMP?

The Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP) is a scientifically validated, standardized assessment of what motivates any person over the age of 12. It was developed and published by Professor Steven Reiss, a renowned expert in the field of clinical psychology and human motivation at the Ohio State University.


A client, who wants to explore her/his own profile fills in a 128-item self-report questionnaire. The assessment takes 10-15 minutes to complete. The result is the Reiss Motivation Profile that displays the priorities of life motives of the person. A qualified Reiss Profile Master helps to interpret the results.

Your report will help you to discover what your individual motives mean for your job performance, leadership, team/company loyalty, competitive spirit,risk-taking, and numerous other business or daily life behaviors.

The Reiss Motivation Profile® is a tool, which represents the complexity of the human personality and motivation in a simple and accessible presentation. It shows the individual values of the 16 life motives on a graph. The life motives hold values between -2.00 and +2.00 and are shown in different colors:

  • Blue: high value (0.84 to 2.00)
  • Orange: average value (-0.83 to 0.83)
  • Blue: low value (-2.00 to -0.84)

According to the Gaussian distribution, the majority of the population’s life motives lie in the range from -0.83 to 0.83 (orange marked). The values shown in blue are less frequent and indicate the uniqueness of each human being. These are called motivational drivers. The normative database currently consists of more than 80,000 respondents from four continents. The life motives are cross-cultural and stable over time.